There are many special relationships formed between dogs and other animals, but none are quite like the incredible bond that the pair in this video share. The two live on and around Tory Island, a small island off the northwest coast of Ireland which also happens to be the most remote inhabited one in the country. The place is beautiful with emerald green fields, an old church, quaint weathered houses, and grayish-blue water for as far as the eye can see.
As epic as the scenery may be, the real draw on the island happens to be a Labrador Retriever named Ben. He lives at the hotel on the island and almost every single day he can be spotted running down the street towards the harbor. He makes his way across the pier and then scrambles down a set of old stone steps that descend into the water before leaping off the final step. He swims straight out into the middle of the harbor and suddenly he’s not alone!
A dolphin pops up out of the water and greets him warmly before the two begin playing around. They look happy just to be swimming alongside one another and ever since the first fateful day they met they’ve been best friends. The two swim and play almost every day when the water is calm enough and the local islander’s have since named the resident dolphin Duggie.
And while Ben has plenty of humans and canines that he calls friends, it’s Duggie who holds a special place in his heart. The two share a remarkably unique connection that is rarely seen in the wild. In fact, Ben will spend hours in the water swimming alongside his pal and he literally cannot get enough of it!
There have even been several close calls where he nearly swum himself to the point of exhaustion and was at risk of drowning because he was so far out in the ocean. However, Duggie would never allow harm to come to his friend and actually held him up and helped support him all the way back to shore and safety!
Not only that, Ben’s owner says that his dog seems to instinctively know when the dolphin is around and will run off to meet him in the harbor. The two clearly share some deeper connection that we may not be able to understand, but it’s nonetheless beautiful to watch them play together. Check them out in action playing together and pass on their awesome and wonderfully inspiring story.
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