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Mean Girls Thought It Was Fine To Disrespect The Janitor, But They Didn’t Expect This Taste of Karma

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If you’ve ever had to clean lipstick off of something, you know exactly how stubborn and tricky it is. The stuff is messy, oily, and smears all over the place. Getting it on clothes can easily ruin them forever and when people use it to write on glass, car windows, and mirrors it’s not as bad or permanent, but it’s still a pain in the a** to clean up.
That’s why when a group of teenage girls suddenly decided to start kissing the mirrors in the school bathrooms, the janitor who had to clean up after them was less than impressed. Every day the middle school custodian named Elogio found himself staying late just to scrub and wipe the greasy marks off the mirrors. He didn’t understand why the girls were doing this and defacing school property. It was completely uncalled for and they were behaving like disrespectful brats.
Fed up, he decided to have the principal say something and she politely asked the girls to stop marking the mirrors. However, that did nothing to end the problem and instead it actually made it worse! Poor Elogio was at a loss and didn’t know what to do about it, but before long he hatched a brilliant plan that would definitely get the snobby teenagers to quit smearing lipstick on the mirrors.
This time around he asked the principal to call all the girls suspected of defacing the mirrors together and then brought them into the restroom. The group grudgingly obliged, not knowing what to expect next, and that’s when Elogio began his little lesson in a thing called manners, and karma.
He told them how he wasted time each and every day cleaning up all the smudges and kiss marks on the mirrors and that he was sick and tired of having to do it. That should not have been news to them if they ever thought of anyone else besides themselves, but since he was speaking to a room full of rude teens, they probably could have cared less about what he had to say. So to prove his point and really drive it home, he decided to give them a demonstration on how he cleaned the mirrors.
He took the squeegee, dunked it in a toilet, and walked over to a dirty mirror. He then applied it to the surface and scrubbed off the offending lipstick, using the toilet water as the cleaner. The girls looking on were beyond disgusted and stood off to the side with their mouths agape at the sudden realization that they had been kissing dirty, toilet water covered mirrors!
Their reactions said it all and it’s a sure bet that they won’t be smooching any restroom mirrors ever again, although why anyone would do that in the first place is beyond me. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to break through to some people and other times you really have to gross them out to get them to see the error of their ways. Either way, a lesson was learned that day and the point was well and truly made.
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