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Human Hands This Cat The Vacuum While It’s On. Now Watch What The Kitty Does With His Tongue.

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When most cats hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner being turned on, they run and hide. Some will even remain holed up out of sight long after the vacuum has been turned off and it’s no secret that many pet animals loathe the noisy machines.
Even if a cat doesn’t seem to mind them, they still act wary and try their best to avoid getting too close to any vacuums, especially the suction parts. A rare few will allow their special human friends to vacuum along their back or tails, but virtually no cat will stick its face willingly near the suction nozzle. Which is why the adorable cat in this video is such an anomaly!
The cute orange tabby cat is named Rijka and she is fearless when it comes to the one thing that almost all cats seem to universally fear the most. Instead of running away from the loud cleaning device all scared with her tail poofed out, she faced it head on and dominated the darn thing. Rijka finally managed to make vacuuming look like fun when she grabbed the end of the hose with her two front paws and began playing with it. She stuck out her tongue as if to lick at the nozzle and then a strange look passed over her face, it looked like she was in a trance, yet she kept licking at it!
At one point her mouth ended up getting sucked into the vacuum but she quickly pulled it out and resumed her strange game. By the end of the video Rijka was still at it, attacking and swiping at the attachment without a care in the world! Be sure to check out her strange behavior because this may be the only time you’ll ever get to see a cat playing with a vacuum and loving every second of it.
It turns out that the pretty kitty lives with her loving owner Andrey Lebedev in China these days, but at the time this crazy clip was shot they were living in Russia. The globe trotting feline is truly fearless and fun loving, which is why this video is all that and more!
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