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He Attempts To Put a Leash On His Parrot For a Walk. The Bird Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Temper Tantrum.

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Eric The Legend lives up to his name because he is exactly that, a real living legend! His awesomely insane behavior and crazy antics have more than earned him the lofty title, as you’ll soon see. Once you watch this clip of him in action it will all make sense as to why even he refers to himself as a “*beep*ing legend!” If you don’t like hearing curse words, even from the mouth of a bird, consider this a warning; Eric loves to swear.
Before we get into the crazy world of Eric and his loving owners, here’s a little bit of background information on the feisty fella. Eric is a Cockatoo, a parrot sub-species that is very well known for being loud-mouthed. However, he cranks the noisiness up to a whole new deafening level. When things don’t go his way, or he simply dislikes something, he makes it known to everyone within shouting distance by screeching and screaming at the top of his little bird lungs.
He also won’t hesitate to curse someone out and that is what you see happening in this video. His father, Lester, was attempting to get him ready so that he could take him outside for one of his beloved daily walks, but Eric was having none of it. He usually loves going on walks, where he gets to gather local flowers and snack on seeds and nuts, but a change of scenery wasn’t in the cards on this day. As soon as he saw his collar in Lester’s hands he freaked out and threw a major hissy fit! He stomped wildly back and forth, squawked loudly, and acted really naughty.
At one point his dad laid the blue harness on a chair beside him and the flustered little parrot tossed it angrily on the floor. After Lester picked it up he tried once again to slip it on Eric but he didn’t get far. In fact, all that he really managed to do was tick Eric off even more, to the point where he lashed out and bit him on the hand! To add insult to injury the spirited cockatoo threw a few choice curse words towards his dad, who’s more than used to hearing them, and which had everyone cracking up!
Apparently, it turns out that Eric only likes it when his mother puts the harness on him because she knows how to do it the right way and has the magic touch. Lester never really stood a chance against his crazy bird son and Eric the Legend strikes again!
There are more funny videos of Eric online so if you enjoyed this one definitely look him up and check out the others. He seems to always be up to no good and whether he’s throwing coins and broccoli on the floor, cursing at the birds outside, or scaring the neighbor’s cat, he manages to leave a path of destruction in his wake. He’s definitely the most entertaining parrot in all of Australia, which is where he resides, and if you ever need to laugh or smile watch this!
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