Colors make the world a much more beautiful, brighter, and better place to live in. Without them things would be dreary and muted, and it’d be a terrible thing if our color vision were to ever change for the worse.
It’s no surprise that we often take our ability to see colors for granted, but many of us may not even be able to see colors as well as we think we can in the first place! People are simply all over the map when it comes to eyesight and many are affected by some type or degree of color blindness. The chances of someone having impaired color vision are surprisingly high and according to the website, around 1:12 men and 1:200 women display some degree of color blindness.
Color blindness sounds pretty severe but it’s not what many assume it to be. Instead of total and complete blindness to all things color, it’s actually better described as a perceptive deficiency in someone’s color vision. As such, the levels of deficiency range from problems seeing specific colors, to an overall decreased ability in differentiating between colors, to a complete and total inability to see colors at all, which is thankfully incredibly rare.
While most cases of colorblindness are genetic in origin, and people are born with it, a smaller number of individuals acquire it later in life. Other potential causes include some type of trauma or accidents that result in either brain damage, retinal damage, or both. Overexposure to ultraviolet light, which can easily damage the retina, is also a common cause. However, when a person suddenly acquires color vision deficiency later in life, and it’s not attributed to trauma or UV light, it could potentially stem from drugs, a disease, chemical exposure, or age related macular degeneration. That means that you may have developed some form of color blindness and don’t even know it!
There’s really only one way to find out how well you can actually see and that is by having your vision tested. Even though a professional eye doctor is the most qualified person who can accurately check and diagnose your eyesight, you can always put your color perception to the test in the comfort of your own home. This simple quiz is a quick and easy way to determine how strong, or weak, your color vision is at this point in life. All you have to do is pick the one color that appears to be different from the rest. If you find that the questions are easy, you likely have no color vision issues, but if you find it difficult then you should definitely consider getting your eyes tested and checked out further by a professional. Press “Let’s Play” to begin and good luck!
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