Gardening is good for your health in all types of ways. It gets people to spend more time outside and those who plant berries, fruits, herbs, and vegetables have fresh food on hand to eat and supplement their diets with. The physical requirements and steady, gentle movements help to stretch a body out, keeping people loose and limber. Perhaps the greatest benefit that gardening can give you has to do with mental health because it’s been shown to improve mood, clear our minds, and help relieve our stress levels. Overall, many people find gardening to be a very relaxing and rewarding way to spend time outdoors and if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time for action!
Once you start gardening you’ll quickly notice all of the cool tricks and hacks that people have come up with over the years to make it easier. There are literally thousands of them and the ones below exclusively deal with one simple thing, baby powder. These clever uses for the non-toxic and inexpensive powder will help you up your garden game without breaking the bank or poisoning your plants in the process. Check them out and then try them out in your own garden!
1. Keep Japanese Beetles Away- This invasive species of beetle is practically impossible to escape from and you’re bound to come across these pests sooner than later. They feed on the leaves of over 300 plant species and if left unchecked they can easily eat your garden to death. A simple way to combat the bugs and prevent damage before it occurs is to sprinkle plant leaves with a little bit of baby powder. They will steer clear of it and fly on past, but be sure to re-apply the powder after any rain showers!
2. Rabbits Will Avoid Your Garden- As adorable and cute as bunnies may be, they are not an animal you want loose in your garden. One little rabbit can spell disaster and to keep your plants safe, and the bunnies too, you can try the following; add a sprinkle of baby powder to young seeds. This will help prevent the rabbits from feasting on them now and later!
3. Keep Away Nocturnal Animal Visitors- My mother used to have a little solar powered radio that would charge up during the day and she’s play it at night to scare away deer and other animals. After awhile some critters, like the raccoons and opossums, had become used to the sound and so she started to sprinkle a barrier of baby powder around her veggies. The strange sensation of how the powder felt on their paws was enough to annoy them, or maybe it freaked them out, and they stayed away for good after she did that!
4. Deters Ants- While some ants are welcome guests in our gardens, you don’t want your flowers and veggies being overrun by them. Ants hate baby powder and so it makes a very effective barrier that will keep them away. The same goes for your house or patio, simply sprinkle baby powder along the perimeter or around the foundation and that will repel them.
5. Protect your hands- All that repetitive digging in the dirt can be rough on your hands and one of the main issues people have is that they end up develop blisters from their gardening tools. If you dust a light coat of baby powder on the handles of your tools it will help prevent your hands from slipping, and that in turn will keep blisters at bay.
6. Make Getting Your Gloves Off Easy- Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time gardening while wearing gloves knows how plastered they can get to your hands. All that sweat and dirt make the insides stick to your hands, but if you sprinkle a little on the insides of gloves before you put them on, they will slide right off easily the next time you go to pull them off.
7. Protect Roots- Nothing kills plants faster than rotten roots, especially sensitive flowers. When there’s too much moisture in the soil, roots will begin to rot and once that starts happening, they’re doomed. To help prevent this from happening, coat bulbs and the roots of flowers with baby powder before you plant them. It will help protect them against too much moisture and prevent them from rotting.
Hope these baby powder gardening uses helped and happy gardening!
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