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What Type Of Person Are You By The Way You Perceive Color? Find Out..

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Colors tend to represent a variety of different things and the information that’s available on color symbolism ranges from run of the mill stuff to interesting and quite fascinating. We all know that red is related to things like love, passion, desire, and anger. Green stands for nature, white is innocence and purity, while black is moody, artsy, and linked to death. At the same time, colors can go much deeper than all of that.
In recent times color psychology, which is the study of how colors impact our thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and choices, has evolved and become mainstream. Findings in the field have shown all sorts of strange effects that colors have on human perceptions and behavior. For example, the city of Glasgow, Scotland, put up blue street lights in specific neighborhoods and soon afterwards the overall crime rates went down markedly in those same areas. Another well known finding is that men view women as more attractive when they have red outfits on, yet the color of a man’s clothes does not make him any more or less attractive to a woman.
It turns out that the colors you are naturally drawn and attracted to can say a lot about your personality and the type of person that you are. Each of us has a unique personality that makes us who we are and sets us apart from the rest. And while everyone is different in more than one way, there are only eight main personality archetypes in the world, each of which has been linked to the way we see colors.
This quiz uses ideas from color psychology to analyze and examine the ways you perceive colors. It will attempt to guess what type of person you are by the way you see color and depending on your answers you will end up fitting into only one of the following 8 personality types; loyalists, helpers, individualists, enthusiasts, peacemakers, achievers, reformers, and challengers. Which type do you think that you’d fit into the best? Now take the quiz and see if your results match up with what you originally assumed it to be. It’s fun, easy, and colorful. Enjoy!
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