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The Actual Use For The Bottom Of The Stapler.

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There are many things in life that are hiding in plain sight. Oftentimes they’re the little things, like everyday objects, that we see and come across all the time in passing and yet we simply don’t take the time to investigate them any further.
Take for example a stapler. We all know what a stapler is and have used one numerous times in our lives. The little devices come in handy when you need to secure several things together, usually a thin stack of papers. Once you line up where you want the staple to go you firmly push down on the top and boom, you’re done! There’s really nothing to it, in fact the hardest thing about a stapler is refilling it with more staples or fixing it when a staple gets jammed up.
While we all know how it works, you may not be aware of what the bottom of the stapler is actually capable of being used for. The little silver metal piece on the bottom, where the staple hits when you push down on the top, can be adjusted to produce different sized staples. Who knew?!
As you can see in the accompanying video, all that you need to do is pop up the metal piece, spin it around, and then push it back into place. The next staple that comes out will be either small or large depending on what size you choose or need. Knowing this little trick definitely won’t change your whole life, but you never know when it’ll come in handy!
That being said, you learn something new everyday and now you know what the bottom part of a stapler can be used for and how to utilize it yourself. Pass this obscure little tidbit of information along and enlighten your friends and family about the magical wonders of everyday life that are hiding in plain sight!
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