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She Spots A Strange Egg Filled With Goo On Her Lawn. Then Grabs a Cam and Films This As It Hatches.

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If you saw a strange gooey ball of something super weird looking in your backyard, you’d likely be more than a little concerned about whatever it is. One woman happened to be outside when she noticed an egg-like sac of slime in the grass and upon closer inspection she saw it move! Naturally, curiosity set in so she grabbed her camera to record the oddity and to see what happened.
Next thing she knew the freaky little thing started hatching and red tentacle-like arms ripped right through the egg sac. The ugly looking arms grew longer and longer as they sprouted out before eventually curling open and unfurling. As alien and bizarre as the thing looks, it turned out that the woman captured the hatching and development of a strange, yet normal and somewhat common, type of mushroom known as Clathrus archeri.
The hideous thing certainly looks like it came straight out of the depths of hell, which makes sense when you hear what its common name happens to be, devil’s fingers! Not only does it appear truly frightening and poisonous, which it isn’t and besides who in their right mind would ever eat that, it also smells terrible. The red-colored arms you see unfolding are coated in a black, spore-covered tissue that smells like dead, rotting, putrid flesh. The fungus has this feature in order to attract flies and bugs to it because they pick up the spores and then help spread them all around.
This video makes it easy to understand where those who suffer from Fungophobia or Mycophobia, which is the fear of mushrooms, are coming from. Check out the clip to see how freaky this fungus looks and if you never eat another mushroom again after watching this, it’s completely understandable. This is truly one nasty looking shroom, even the strongest of hearts can’t stomach it once they get a whiff!
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