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Quiz: What Is Your True Personality Color? Find Out and Let Us Know What Color You Got In The Comments.

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There are many different ways to describe the things we come across and deal with in our lives and one of the best descriptions is by color. Practically anything in the world can be pointed out or explained by the color it happens to be. Whether it’s clothing, a flower, water, a car, a person or their aura, it all boils down to the distinctive color that it reflects and gives off. Even the things that are colorless are described as clear, invisible, or see thru.
It follows from there that even more obscure ideas and metaphysical things, like an individual’s personality, can be effectively described by the color which it emanates. Personality can drastically differ from one person to the next and no two people are exactly alike in regards to the combination of qualities and characteristics that make them who they are. However, we do share a personality color in common with many like-minded people out there who we relate to closer than the all the rest.
When it comes to the color of our personalities, it’s built upon the shades and hues we’re most drawn and attracted to. Many of the colors we like are attached in some way to the happy childhood memories and high points we’ve had throughout our lives. Even though these recollections are stored in our long term memory and so we’re rarely ever conscious of them, they still manage to shine through in our personalities. In the end, the one color that we subconsciously relate the strongest to and connect with is the color of our personality.
At this point you’re probably wondering what color your personality happens to be. This quiz will guide you through all of your preferences and the different color associations you instinctively make to help find the answer to exactly that! It incorporates color psychology, which is the study of colors on human perceptions and behavior, as well as a variety of interesting and introspective questions that are meant to draw out the deepest parts of our personalities.
Try it now to find out what color your personality is:
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