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Quiz: What Is Your Most Dominant Spiritual Color According To This Beautiful Quiz Below

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One of the best things that mother nature has blessed us with is a world filled with a plethora of colors. They come in every shade imaginable under the sun and make life brighter, more beautiful, and enjoyable. Most of us take the colors we see everyday for granted, but they’re inescapable, and even when we close our eyes we tend to visualize and imagine things in colors.
A world without the shades of the rainbow would be a dull, drab, boring place indeed. Not only would nothing in particular really stand out, things wouldn’t be influenced in quite the same way as they are by colors. Simply put, colors deeply affect people, and one way in which this universally occurs is with our dominant spiritual color!
Each one of us has just one overriding color that best reflects the energy we give off and the frequency we vibrate at. The shades that we glow are, in a way, connected to our auras in that they’re both uniquely personal to us and can be read or interpreted by other people. However, you don’t need a psychic or professional reader to tell you what color dominates your vision.
Instead, all that you have to do is take this simple color test. It uses a mix of science and beautiful images of nature to examine and draw out the color that unconsciously influences each of us the absolute most. Take it now to see if you view the world through rose colored glasses or blue tinted lenses, and find out what your dominant spiritual color is right here and now!
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