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Quiz: How Many Past Lives Have You Lived According To Your Color IQ?

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No matter what beliefs you may hold, you’ve likely wondered about past lives and what they encompass. Just think about all the things you could have done or been in another life, the possibilities are truly endless, and that’s what makes the thought of them so appealing and exciting.
Many people do in fact believe strongly in reincarnation and re-birth. They view the soul as being able to transcend time and space as it navigates an infinite cycle of life, death, and re-birth. When it comes to death, the only actual death that occurs is of our physical bodies which are vessels for our souls. As such, when the body dies the soul is then reborn into another body, where it lives out yet another life.
This cycle continuously repeats and begins anew each time as it has been for millions or billions of years. If you are a believer in reincarnation then you’ve definitely thought about who you were and what you used to do in your past lives. Maybe you even have distant memories of past life experiences or are able to tap into your subconscious recollection of who you were. If you can’t channel your past lives and have no memories whatsoever, don’t worry because that’s normal and very common. It’s extremely rare to be able to tap into such things and that’s probably why we are so naturally curious and fascinated by the fact that we’ve held innumerable identities throughout the course of time and history!
While our minds may draw a blank and impede us, colors can help us figure out roughly how many past lives we have led. Colors are what stands out the most in our minds and they are the one detail that can truly burn an experience into our soul. Every life we have ever led has been marked by colors and full of vibrant shades that can stay with us for eternity. Much can be learned about our past lives by examining our color choices, preferences, and what hues we tend to pick up on the most. After all, colors are timeless and universal, they exist because of light and have been around the universe for eons longer than man has!
This neat little quiz uses colors to help jog your memory and explore how many times you have lived. It’s filled with beautiful images of nature and the universe so work your way through it now and see how many cycles of life and death you’ve experienced.
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