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He’s Been Homeless For 25 Years, But He Gets a Makeover And Has a Stunning Transformation

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Life works in mysterious ways and sometimes people end up falling on hard times. One thing leads to another and before you know it things start to snowball out of control. Such was the case for Jose Antonio, a 55 year-old man from Mallorca, Spain.
Back when Jose was thirty he struggled with depression and it ended up getting the better of him. After making some bad decisions and going through some personal setbacks his troubles only worsened and soon he had lost his job. Then he lost his house and with no one to turn to or anywhere to go, he ended up living on the streets.
For the past twenty five years Jose has lived on handouts and the generosity of others. A local park is where he called home and every now and then he’d make a couple of dollars by helping to find drivers a parking spot and watching over their cars. He had no steady income and so went without the little things many so people take for granted, like showers and regular haircuts.
As time passed his hair grew down past his shoulders, as did his beard, which was bushy and wild looking. Then one day Jose happened to catch the eye of a local hair salon owner, Salva Garcia, and the man offered to cut his hair free of charge. But that’s not all Mr. Garcia had in mind, he wanted to transform Jose’s look and life with a complete makeover. So he brought him back to his trendy barber shop, La Salvajeria, and got to work.
After washing and cutting Jose’s hair he dyed it a deep, dark brown and styled it into a modern swept back kind of look. His facial hair was trimmed short and his eyebrows were groomed to match his features better. Each step of the way more and more of his face was revealed and he seemed to come alive along with it. Once the hair portion of his makeover was done he received a brand new outfit consisting of a crisp white shirt, some stylish red pants, and a pair of sunglasses.
When his new look was revealed to him Jose could not believe the reflection of the man in the mirror looking back at him. He was incredulous, remarking, “God, this is unbelievable, is this really me? I look so different, no one will recognize me until I day who I am.” After shedding tears of joy and disbelief he took some photos and headed back out into the world a changed man. His new look gave him a new attitude and some much needed confidence. Also, women began noticing him again as he’s quite the handsome looking man. Apparently one passerby even asked him where he’d parked his Ferrari!
While Jose’s incredible makeover took place back in 2015 the barbershop has only recently decided to release the video as part of their 3rd anniversary being open. These days Jose still looks well-groomed, clean, and healthy and he clearly kept on top of his stylish makeover. He is not homeless anymore and is receiving help from a company that prefers to remain unnamed. While he has yet to find a job, he hasn’t given up looking, and credits much of his newfound good fortune in major part to his new look. Check out Jose’s story and incredible transformation in the accompanying video and see for yourself how dramatic the difference is!
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