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He Puts Candy In a Balloon and Wraps String Around It, For a Beautiful Easter Egg Transformation

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Easter is a holiday that’s filled with tradition and fun. It’s also a time of year where you can really get creative and hands on with everything from decorations to games to all the other festivities in between! There are literally thousands of neat Easter-based ideas floating around out there that go way beyond the egg dyeing and basket adorning basics, and this project is one of them.
These Easter egg surprise creations are seriously awesome. They come out looking like a birds nest crossed with an Easter egg, which makes them the perfect accompaniment for Springtime’s premier holiday. You can make these for decorative purposes, as gifts to include in children’s Easter baskets, or hide and use them in an Easter egg hunt. Not only do they turn out looking fantastic, they’re also fun to make and everyone in the family can get in on this craft project.
The accompanying video from DaveHax shows you exactly how to make the Easter egg surprises and everything that you need to know is also covered in-depth below. Read on for more information but first, here is a list of supplies that you will need; assorted chocolates and candies, string, balloons, glue, and a cardboard tube.
1. Stretch the opening of a balloon over one end of the cardboard roll.
2. Pour some individually wrapped chocolates or candies down the tube at the opposite end so they go into the balloon.
3. When the balloon is filled with candy remove it from the roll and blow it up so that it appears to look somewhat egg shaped before tying it off.
4. Pour PVA craft glue in a bowl and unravel a bunch of string into it. Make sure to immerse all of the string so that it’s completely soaked in the glue (To make the glue runnier, add a couple drops of water).
5. Cut the string and hold onto the end. Keep track of it so you know where it is later on.
6. Drop in food coloring to the bowl and mix it all around until you get the desired color you want.
7. Tie the end of the string to where the balloon was tied off, then start wrapping the string all around the balloon. Go every which way and in random directions so that you form a cage-like structure with the string. You can always add more string or glue, and if the string becomes knotted just cut it, find the end, and keep wrapping!
8. When the wrapping is done set the balloon on a plate and stick it in a warm, safe spot to dry out.
9. Wait at least a day and when the string feels hard, stiff, and dry you can pop the balloon. In case the candies don’t end up spilling out of the balloon simply use a pair of scissors and carefully cut it away until all that is left inside the string egg is treats.
Enjoy your festive new Easter egg nest surprises!
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