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QUIZ: What Is Your Strongest Mental Ability?

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The quiz you are about to take below taps into your greatest mental ability. It does this by asking questions that reveal things about how you problem solve, what your perceptions are, and factors that may be indicative of whether you are more dominantly “right-brained” or “left-brained”.

For instance, whether you are right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous goes into the analysis. Additionally,
you will be asked: what is most salient for you in a very complex image; what strategy is your ‘go-to’ when solving a jig-saw puzzle; what modality you learn best from; when you think most clearly etc.

After answering the eight questions your strongest mental ability will be calculated. Do you think it will be revealed that VERBAL THINKING is your strength?; that you are a wordsmith with excellent social skills as a consequence of your charm and quick wit. Or is your greatest strength EMPATHY?; your ability to “walk in another’s shoes” is so strong that it influences your decision making processes, reflective of a very high emotional intelligence. Perhaps the results of the quiz will conclude that your strongest mental ability is your INTUITION; your gut instincts guide your thinking and how you problem solve because of a heightened ability to foresee how things will pan out.

The analysis of your answers may reveal one of the above mental abilities, or some other strength entirely. Let us know if the results resonate with how you, and others who know you well, view your strongest mental abilities. Try not to overthink your responses, as going with your “gut-level” answer will yield the most accurate analysis.

What is your strongest mental ability? Let us know in the comments below

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