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QUIZ: Can You Find The Hidden Panda? Star Wars Version!

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Image via: Playbuzz

If you love searching for hidden objects in pictures, then you have to try out the latest and greatest offering from the internet. This image originally hails from the Bored Panda website where it was uploaded by user ste1, who chose to hide a panda among a page full of Star Wars characters. Somewhere in the rows of stormtroopers lies a concealed panda bear. The search is made all the more difficult by the general uniformity and the black and white color scheme.

These types of hidden image search illustrations have recently re-emerged ever since the Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás posted a holiday themed puzzle on his artist Facebook profile page, ‘Dudolf’. He hid a panda among rows of snowmen and ever since the internet has been going crazy for similar types of puzzles. It’s easy to see why, they are fun to do and a great way to explore what you immediately notice and pick up on, and what you fail to notice.

Furthermore, there’s a lot more at play when you search for the panda and you’re giving yourself an excellent mental workout. How so? Pictures like this are, in a sense, optical visual illusions. Optical illusions are all about the interactions and disconnects between our eyes, brain, and perception. Most of what we look at in our daily lives is straight forward and we know what we are seeing without having to think twice. But when you look at a picture like this that has a hidden image in it, and such picture can be viewed multiple ways, what you see changes. Put differently, optical visual illusions are kind of like brain farts for our eyes. That is to say, our eyes are visually perceiving an image and sending information on it to the brain. However, our brain processes the image as not fitting in line or matching up with the thing (the panda bear) that we are mentally searching for in the picture. There is a disconnect going on, and that’s why a person can stare at these types of picture for a long time without finding or seeing the panda, even though it’s right in front of their face. In effect, when you look for the panda you’re forcing your brain and eyes to work together in a way they’re not used to. You’re consciously processing the image piece by piece in a much more focused and methodical way, that you just don’t do in everyday life.

Try your eyes at this puzzle and work on your visual perception in the process by testing out whether or not you can spot the panda!

How long did it take you to find the Panda? Let us know in the comments below!

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